Media enables the addition of audio, video and online video to Slides.


// Path: full or relative
slide.addMedia({ type: "video", path: "https://example.com/media/sample.mov" });
slide.addMedia({ type: "video", path: "../media/sample.mov" });

// Base64: pre-encoded string
slide.addMedia({ type: "audio", data: "audio/mp3;base64,iVtDafDrBF[...]=" });

// YouTube: Online video (supported in Microsoft 365)
slide.addMedia({ type: "online", link: "https://www.youtube.com/embed/Dph6ynRVyUc" });

Usage Notes

Either provide a URL location or base64 data along with type to create media.

Supported Formats and Notes


Position/Size Props (PositionProps)

Option Type Default Description Possible Values
x number 1.0 hor location (inches) 0-n
x string   hor location (percent) ‘n%’. (Ex: {x:'50%'} middle of the Slide)
y number 1.0 ver location (inches) 0-n
y string   ver location (percent) ‘n%’. (Ex: {y:'50%'} middle of the Slide)
w number 1.0 width (inches) 0-n
w string   width (percent) ‘n%’. (Ex: {w:'50%'} 50% the Slide width)
h number 1.0 height (inches) 0-n
h string   height (percent) ‘n%’. (Ex: {h:'50%'} 50% the Slide height)

Data/Path Props (DataOrPathProps)

Option Type Description Possible Values
data string image data (base64) (data or path is required) base64-encoded image string.
path string image path (data or path is required) relative or full URL

Media Props (MediaProps)

Option Type Description Possible Values
type string media type media type: audio or video (reqs: data or path) or online (reqs:link)
cover string cover image base64 encoded string of cover image
extn string media extension use when the media file path does not already have an extension, ex: “/folder/SomeSong”
link string video URL (YouTube only): link to online video


Media Examples


Sample code: demos/modules/demo_media.mjs