Tables and content can be added to Slides.


// TABLE 1: Single-row table
let rows = [["Cell 1", "Cell 2", "Cell 3"]];
slide.addTable(rows, { w: 9 });

// TABLE 2: Multi-row table
// - each row's array element is an array of cells
let rows = [["A1", "B1", "C1"]];
slide.addTable(rows, { align: "left", fontFace: "Arial" });

// TABLE 3: Formatting at a cell level
// - use this to selectively override the table's cell options
let rows = [
        { text: "Top Lft", options: { align: "left", fontFace: "Arial" } },
        { text: "Top Ctr", options: { align: "center", fontFace: "Verdana" } },
        { text: "Top Rgt", options: { align: "right", fontFace: "Courier" } },
slide.addTable(rows, { w: 9, rowH: 1, align: "left", fontFace: "Arial" });

Usage Notes

Cell Formatting

Row Height


Position/Size Props (PositionProps)

Option Type Default Description Possible Values
x number 1.0 hor location (inches) 0-n
x string   hor location (percent) ‘n%’. (Ex: {x:'50%'} middle of the Slide)
y number 1.0 ver location (inches) 0-n
y string   ver location (percent) ‘n%’. (Ex: {y:'50%'} middle of the Slide)
w number 1.0 width (inches) 0-n
w string   width (percent) ‘n%’. (Ex: {w:'50%'} 50% the Slide width)
h number 1.0 height (inches) 0-n
h string   height (percent) ‘n%’. (Ex: {h:'50%'} 50% the Slide height)

Table Layout Options (ITableOptions)

Option Type Description Possible Values (inches or percent)
colW integer width for every column Ex: Width for every column in table (uniform) 2.0
colW array column widths in order Ex: Width for each of 5 columns [1.0, 2.0, 2.5, 1.5, 1.0]
rowH integer height for every row Ex: Height for every row in table (uniform) 2.0
rowH array row heights in order Ex: Height for each of 5 rows [1.0, 2.0, 2.5, 1.5, 1.0]

Table Formatting Props (ITableOptions)

Option Type Unit Default Description Possible Values
align string   left alignment left or center or right
bold boolean   false bold text true or false
border object     cell border object with type, pt and color values. (see below)
border array     cell border array of objects with pt and color values in TRBL order.
color string     text color hex color code or scheme color constant. Ex: {color:'0088CC'}
colspan integer     column span 2-n. Ex: {colspan:2} (Note: be sure to include a table w value)
fill string     fill/bkgd color hex color code or scheme color constant. Ex: {color:'0088CC'}
fontFace string     font face Ex: {fontFace:'Arial'}
fontSize number points   font size 1-256. Ex: {fontSize:12}
italic boolean   false italic text true or false
margin number points   margin 0-99 (ProTip: use the same value from CSS padding)
margin array points   margin array of integer values in TRBL order. Ex: margin:[5,10,5,10]
rowspan integer     row span 2-n. Ex: {rowspan:2}
underline boolean   false underline text true or false
valign string     vertical alignment top or middle or bottom (or t m b)

Table Border Options (IBorderOptions)

Option Type Default Description Possible Values
type string solid border type none or solid or dash
pt string 1 border thickness any positive number
color string black cell border hex color code or scheme color constant. Ex: {color:'0088CC'}

Table Auto-Paging

Auto-paging will create new slides as table rows overflow, doing the magical work for you.

Table Auto-Paging Options (ITableOptions)

Option Default Description Possible Values
autoPage false auto-page table true or false. Ex: {autoPage:true}
autoPageCharWeight 0 char weight value (adjusts letter spacing) -1.0 to 1.0. Ex: {autoPageCharWeight:0.5}
autoPageLineWeight 0 line weight value (adjusts line height) -1.0 to 1.0. Ex: {autoPageLineWeight:0.5}
autoPageRepeatHeader false repeat header row(s) on each auto-page slide true or false. Ex: {autoPageRepeatHeader:true}
autoPageHeaderRows 1 number of table rows that comprise the headers 1-n. Ex: 2 repeats the first two rows on every slide
newSlideStartY   starting y value for tables on new Slides 0-n OR ‘n%’. Ex:{newSlideStartY:0.5}

Auto-Paging Property Notes

Auto-Paging Usage Notes


Table Cell Formatting

// -------
// TABLE 1: Cell-level Formatting
// -------
let rows = [];

// Row One: cells will be formatted according to any options provided to `addTable()`
rows.push(["First", "Second", "Third"]);

// Row Two: set/override formatting for each cell
    { text: "1st", options: { color: "ff0000" } },
    { text: "2nd", options: { color: "00ff00" } },
    { text: "3rd", options: { color: "0000ff" } },

slide.addTable(rows, { x: 0.5, y: 1.0, w: 9.0, color: "363636" });

// -------
// TABLE 2: Using word-level formatting inside cells
// -------
// NOTE: An array of text/options objects provides fine-grained control over formatting
let arrObjText = [
    { text: "Red ", options: { color: "FF0000" } },
    { text: "Green ", options: { color: "00FF00" } },
    { text: "Blue", options: { color: "0000FF" } },

// EX A: Pass an array of text objects to `addText()`
slide.addText(arrObjText, {
    x: 0.5,
    y: 2.0,
    w: 9,
    h: 1,
    margin: 0.1,
    fill: "232323",

// EX B: Pass the same objects as a cell's `text` value
let arrTabRows = [
        { text: "Cell 1 A", options: { fontFace: "Arial" } },
        { text: "Cell 1 B", options: { fontFace: "Courier" } },
        { text: arrObjText, options: { fill: "232323" } },

slide.addTable(arrTabRows, { x: 0.5, y: 3.5, w: 9, h: 1, colW: [1.5, 1.5, 6] });

Table Cell Formatting


Sample code: demos/modules/demo_table.mjs