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Adding a Slide


let slide = pptx.addSlide();

Slide Templates/Master Slides#

Master Slide Syntax#

let slide = pptx.addSlide("MASTER_NAME");

(See Master Slides for more about creating masters/templates)

Master Slide Examples#

// Create a new Slide that will inherit properties from a pre-defined master page (margins, logos, text, background, etc.)let slide = pptx.addSlide("TITLE_SLIDE");

Slides Return Themselves#

The Slide object returns a reference to itself, so calls can be chained.


slide.addImage({ path: "img1.png", x: 1, y: 2 }).addImage({ path: "img2.jpg", x: 5, y: 3 });

Slide Methods#

See Slide Methods for features such as Background and Slide Numbers.